Perfectly frayed


My journey with photography started quite early on; I was always obsessed with the film prints that my mother had captured of me as a child. Growing up I really enjoyed watching fashion shows and being obsessed with fashion and magazines but not knowing how I could exist in that space. When I got my first Nokia camera phone I was always taking pictures of whatever I thought was ‘cool.’ In December 2012 I started my first Instagram account; this was really what pushed me into photography. I would document my day to day and surroundings. My work ranged from still life, architecture, my meals and self-portraits. In late 2013 highly curated picture feeds became a major part of Instagram and that was the beginning of my current photography aesthetic. In 2015 I moved back to Zambia after living in the UK for nearly three years. I had no interesting things around me as I spent a year at home and so I turned the camera on myself which what helped me develop my love for portraiture. In 2016 I started university and I met other people that enjoyed fashion and were also interested in creating. After taking a lot of portraits on my phone I decided to finally invest some money into a DSLR camera. In 2019, I begun to work as a photographer professionally under moniker of The Odd Fray. My work currently centres around portraiture, self-portraiture and fashion. I also started up a photography journal, The Odd Fray Journal, where I explore different concepts to further my photography endeavours.

I was obsessed with fashion bloggers and the time and was trying to come up with a cool name for myself the way they had cool names for their blogs. One day I stumbled across a blogger who had on some high-waisted jeans and the hems were frayed. I then came up with “The Odd Fray” as in different from the rest.

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