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My name is Dana Patel and I am a photographer based in Lusaka, Zambia. I was born and raised in San Diego, California and have lived in Zambia for almost eight years now. Fueled by my innate passion for discovery, I am inspired by the natural beauty of the world around us. Lucky for us, Zambia is naturally beautiful, even in its everyday. The way the trees grow, the way the sun rises, and the seasons change, is truly inspirational.

In my experience with photography I have always been attracted to seeing beauty in natural settings whether it is in foliage, street views or people. Viewers will often find a solitary figure surrounded by large scale natural wonders that we see in our daily lives. I hope to inspire viewers to see the beauty in what is around them as it does not require a fancy camera or the perfect set-up, it just takes a little appreciation. 

It amazes me that you can find such beauty in Zambia without having to go very far. Whenever I am out shooting, I am always inspired by the people and the nature that surrounds them. 
This day I had gone out to shoot and had not taken a single photo. Then this sunset happened. The colors of the sky and the clouds were perfect. In the most unexpected times, you will never know when something amazing may happen.
If you have ever been down Chilubi Road in Lusaka you immediately notice the large green trees that create a natural tunnel over the road. These natural landscapes are one of the many every-day things that make Zambia beautiful.
I am often asked how I shoot photos like these. It almost seems staged or planned, but it is neither. I believe that the best way to capture the inherent beauty in anything is to capture it uninterrupted. 
A group of children on a Sunday afternoon were playing, riding their bicycles and kicking a ball around. These are the simple joys in life that we are fortunate enough to witness.
The early morning when the sun is rising, the streets are quiet and the air is crisp is the most beautiful time to be outside. There is nothing I love more than starting off my day with mornings like these.

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