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“At 23:56 on 23rd October 1963, Zambians rose in reverence of the Union Jack, the de facto national flag of the United Kingdom, for the last time as it lowered, signifying the end of British rule in Zambia.”

― Precious Mwansa-Chisa

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A Fabulous trio. Lusaka’s unmissable fashion events

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In recent years, the Zambian fashion industry has been growing faster than ever before. In as much as the fashion industry is still in it’s infancy, Zambia is doing a stellar job in this sector.

People are finally learning the importance of the industry and noting that job creation is one of the benefits of a growing fashion sector.  The fashion industry is diverse, we have photographers, designers, fashion bloggers, models, makeup artists, and PR professionals, to name a few.

Fashion, undeniably, is a part of our lives, whether we acknowledge it, or not. We all make daily decisions about how we present ourselves to the world, what to wear and how to groom ourselves, after all.

If you are a fashion enthusiast and interested in following the progress of the local industry, the following are a few events you’ll want to attend.


Zambia Fashion Week is the country’s biggest fashion event. It’s held yearly in October and runs for three days (typically a Thursday to a Friday).

Up and coming local fashion designers showcase on Thursday and Friday and established local designers showcase on Saturdays. International guest designers also showcase their best collections on Saturday, which is the main event day. Some guest designers that have showcased are David Tlale from South Africa, Paledi Segapo from South Africa and Ituen Basi from Nigeria.

Founded by Karen Nakawala in 2010 with only six fashion designers showcasing at the time , Zambia fashion week has grown rapidly, with 60 fashion designers showcasing last year.

From our best runway models flaunting the latest designs, to perfect lighting for a gorgeous selfie, great music and a wonderful ambiance to put you in a great mood, Zambia Fashion week is definitely a fashion event not to miss. It’s also a social event that allows you to meet a wide range of people, all brought together by a love of fashion.


Lusaka July is a luxury social event, which brings together fashion and polo. The event is held annually at Lusaka Polo Club where socialites, celebrities and public figures step out in their best outfits. Lusaka July was established in 2016 by PR Girl Media. In only a few years Lusaka July has grown into one of Zambia’s biggest fashion events. With different themes every year, it allows fashion enthusiasts to get creative with their outfits and have a delightful day.

The event includes a fashion show that showcases local and international designers.  With great music, fantastic food and fresh fashion this is definitely a must-attend.

The theme for this year’s event will be 21st Century Garden. Fashionistas start prepping your outfits.

Champagne Picnic

The Champagne Picnic is another PR Girl event that brings together the best of fashion, food and music. The inaugural edition in 2018 was a hit, which attracted a sophisticated crowd and garnered plenty of media attention. One successful edition of the Champagne Picnic was all it took for the event to earn a reputation as a leading fashion and lifestyle event on Lusaka’s social calendar.

The first Champagne Picnic was held under the theme ‘Splash Your Colour’ and saw attendees pull out all the stops. The 2019 edition is set for this May and will be held under the theme ‘All White.’

South African TV presenter, actress and media entrepreneur Bonang Matheba was a guest at last year’s event, proving that Champagne Picnic has star power.

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