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How to Pull Off Celebrity-Inspired Looks

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When it comes to outfit inspiration, we turn to the runway and the streets, but it is the celebrity circle where we often uncover some of the coolest looks. In fact, many of us cultivate a personal style by borrowing looks from our favorite celebrities. In an Instagram world we are more likely than ever to emulate the looks of high profile fashionistos and fashionistas like Maps Maponyane, Luka Sabbat, Bonang Matheba and our very own Lulu Haangala-Wood, to mention but a few.

However, some people tend to make the mistake of copying the looks of stylish celebrities without ever adding any personal touches and others forget to dress for their body type. Let’s look at how you can replicate celebrity style the right way.

Celebrity Style Inspiration for Men

Celebrities like Maps Maponyane and Luka Sabbat are no strangers to the world of top tier men’s fashion and are considered among the most stylish of male celebrities. The phrase “Steal the style of celebrities without breaking the bank” is key here. You don’t have to spend all your money on designer clothes to look like a celebrity; you can replicate celebrity style and still live within your own means. Shop at thrift stores, shop online and shop at stores that offer affordability and quality.

When it comes to edgy street style, Luka Sabbat takes home all the prizes. To replicate Luka’s unique style, build a collection of denim pieces, tracksuit pants and chinos as well as basic tops. Complete the ensemble with statement footwear and unique jackets effortlessly give you that Luka Sabbat look.

TIP: Start off with something simple by replicating Luka’s easiest looks. When you get comfortable but feel you want to experiment more, move on to more of his stylish looks that are outside of your comfort zone.

Maps Maponyane is no doubt one of South Africa’s best-dressed men with a classic style. He can pull off a formal look like no one else and there is an elegant simplicity to his looks. His style is minimalistic with a range of clothing items such as trench coats, turtle necks, T-shirts, chinos and statement shoes.

TIP: Do not overcomplicate things or over style anything. For a Maps Maponyane look, make sure everything you wear is tailored to perfection. His style is definitely something you can wear to the office, on a date or a variety of events.

Celebrity Style Inspiration for Women

With signature fashion items such as leather pants, plaid blazers, jeans, corset dresses, dressy heels and so on, Bonang Matheba is a fully-fledged fashion icon. Bonang loves a pop of colour, a well-fitted casual pair of jeans, bold accessories and a pair of classy heels. With her impeccably paired outfits and fearlessness when it comes to her execution, she leaves us much desire to replicate her style.

TIP: Well-fitted skinny jeans are a good place to start for a casual Bonang look. Make sure you are always comfortable and don’t be afraid to mix and match with textures for a laid back feel.

It can be challenging to pull off a formal look but there are many female celebrities you can look up to for inspiration. Lulu Haangala-Wood pulls off some of the best formal looks among Zambian celebrities. Lulu incorporates contemporary pieces to her wardrobe while still looking theme-appropriate for any event. From monochromatic suits to well-fitted statement dresses, this A-list celebrity’s style is one to replicate. Incorporate suits, formal dresses, minimal accessories, blazers and statement heels to replicate Lulu’s style.

TIP: When replicating Lulu’s style, don’t be afraid of statement accessories. A statement piece easily elevates your style. The right pair of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, rings or sunglasses will add a boldness to your look.

When recreating these celebrity looks, always remember the universal rule, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it the self-consciousness will show. People normally look their best when they feel comfortable and confident. With that in mind, be inspired by your favorite celebrity looks and have fun while making them your own.

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