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“At 23:56 on 23rd October 1963, Zambians rose in reverence of the Union Jack, the de facto national flag of the United Kingdom, for the last time as it lowered, signifying the end of British rule in Zambia.”

― Precious Mwansa-Chisa

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Zambia’s Top 5 Must-Listen-to Podcasts

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Around the globe podcasts have helped change the way that we consume information and media. Podcasts now present a formidable challenge to traditional radio and they can often offer a more uncensored and more global take on current events, politics and pop culture. Podcasts are slowly but steadily growing in popularity in Zambia and the number of Zambian podcasters is increasing. You may be asking yourself where to begin with Zambian podcasts and who to listen to? The following are some of the best Zambian podcasts; they’re relatable, funny, educational and thought-provoking.

Leading Ladies

YouTube – Women’s Museum Zambia

The Leading Ladies podcast has taken Zambia by storm and received positive attention internationally. The podcast is the brainchild of Mulenga Kapwepwe and Samba Yonga, the founders of theMuseum of Women’s History in Zambia. Leading Ladies is a five minute animated podcast that explores female “hidden figures” in Zambia’s history that made their mark in the country’s past and influenced the present. Samba shares, “The podcast examines how pre-colonial Zambia had women in leadership positions and how Zambian culture has been gender inclusive rather than exclusive. It will also attempt to show that women’s inequality is a learned culture.”  

The animation was done by BlackRose, the talented artist whose real name is Chaila Putta. The stories have been collected by Mulenga Kapwepwe over the years and Samba Yonga directed and produced the project. This podcast is perfect for those who want to know more about women’s roles in the history of Zambia, school children, people who love visual storytelling and feminists alike. Season one is out now and a second season of Leading Ladies is currently in the works.


CodeCast is a biweekly podcast focused on “technology evangelism”. The hosts, Mukuma, Elias, Wezi and Cynthia, all bring their personal and professional takes on the tech world. Mukuma explains, “We are on a mission to provide a platform for discussions around tools and advancements in technologies. We hope this directly influences the growth of the developer ecosystem and helps in shaping our communities by providing relevant data from all around Africa. We cover releases from major technology companies and the effect these releases have on the developer and consumer community. Our goal is to celebrate the role software developers play in shaping the future of technology, both from a uniquely Zambian perspective to the repercussions on a global scale.”

The podcast style alternates between panel discussions and interviews and runs anywhere from one to two hours. CodeCast gives a uniquely Zambian perspective to technology from both a developer’s and end user’s perspective.

Tea Time with Twaambo

Tea Time with Twaambo is a refreshingly honest podcast that asks the complicated questions that we often shy away from. On what inspired her to start the podcast Twaambo Kapilikisha says, “We don’t want to admit we are struggling, or that we feel a little bit dead inside sometimes, and the podcast deals with that.” Modern society is obsessed with social media and painting a picture of a perfect life. Less time is spent on self-reflection or asking oneself what our deepest desires or aspirations are. The mission of this podcast is to confront you with your issues. Twaambo explains, “I personally found healing by asking myself questions, and others have found healing listening to the podcast.”

The podcast usually runs from around six to eighteen minutes and is ideal for either easy listening to unwind after a long day or a positive way to start your day.

Mwende Bwino,

Zambia’s first travel podcast, Mwende Bwino, is the podcast Africans always knew they wanted and needed. The expression “mwende bwino” means go well or travel well. The podcast was developed by New York-based Zambian creator Mazuba Kapambwe. Regarding the podcast name she tells me, “I chose the name because I liked that it means the same thing in several Zambian languages. I don’t think a title of a podcast or any other form of creativity has to have English names to appeal to a wide audience.”

This podcast talks about travel from the African gaze. Mazuba explains, “I know the unique set of challenges we face when travelling; from securing visas to expensive flights within the continent. When I was researching podcasts related to travel, I didn’t find any that addressed these issues, so I created one. I have a different guest on each episode, which I think is important because I don’t have all the answers to why things are the way they are in the African travel industry or the industry in general, and the guests I feature are experts in their particular fields.”

Konza Podcast

The Konza Podcast is an informative lifestyle and business podcast that encourages people in different stages of their lives to confront their status quo, expand their horizons or be inspired to action. It came about primarily because of hosts Mukuka’s love for podcasting and Muntanga’s love of helping people. Mukuka and Muntanga wanted to create content that shared information and experiences in a way that was still new to Zambia. Coming across various clients who had so much to say about business, lifestyle and entrepreneurship was something they couldn’t ignore and they felt they had to share what they were learning. They elaborate, “For example, entrepreneurship is such a buzz word these days and people think that it is the only way to chase your dreams. We wanted to look into the realities of entrepreneurship, among other things, through our podcast.”

The podcast has a full season which covers a range of topics and provides insights into the untold stories of innovative and insightful Zambians.

The Zambian scene is small but growing and the subject matters vary. Whether you’re looking for a podcast discussing history, personal finance, travel or mental health, there’s a Zambian podcast for you.

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