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Zambia between assignments

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My name is Emmanuel Bich’ri Mwila Mwiche, and I’m a Zambian photographer based in Kalulushi on the Copperbelt Province. I began my professional photography journey in 2016. My work has made me travel to different places around Zambia and has taken me on so many life changing projects. On the road for all these projects and in between assignments there’s always something that catches my eye. These are some of the shots I’m sharing here.

In 2017 I was named best Zambian photographer of the year at the Zee Creative Awards. After this I started working on documentary photography that highlights the stories of people living with mental health challenges in Zambia.

Photography and being a creative helps me to share my inner feeling and emotions that I can’t write about. I tell stories and freeze moments by taking photos.

A girl takes a walk by the shores of Lake Bangweulu after catching some fish for home consumption.

This is Chembe Bridge in Luapula Province. The bridge, built over the Luapula River, connects Zambia and Congo DR.
I call this one ‘Three ways of getting there.’ The photo shows a woman walking, men with bicycles and a car on the move. I photographed this by accident but I loved the way it came out.
The cooing dove: Kundalila Falls in Serenje. This is one of my favourite sites to see in Zambia. I took this photo during some downtime when I went camping with friends.

A cloudy view from the top of Kundalila Falls; it never fails to amaze.
The name is eerie though the scenery is amazing. Danger Hill in Mpika is infamous for challenging even the best drivers and causes a lot of breakdowns.

The wilderness of Kanona in Central province; we have so much beauty right in our backyard.
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