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The Cascade Chandelier
By Tribal Textiles

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At Tribal Textiles, the cascade chandelier stands out as one of the most stunning products resulting from their glass recycling initiative. Intricately crafted, this chandelier boasts individually hand-cut rectangles of glass arranged in a cascading design that captures the eye with its unique beauty. The metal framework of the chandelier is interlinked with a handmade chain, making it collapsible and easy to relocate or polish.

Tribal Textiles’ commitment to sustainability is evident in all aspects of their business, including their use of traditional starch batik techniques and dedication to producing each item ethically without compromising quality, production method, or materials. Since initiating its glass recycling program in 2018, the company has made significant strides in reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices. 

Tribal Textile’s recycled glass products are a proud reflection of how waste can become art with the support of a community and a shared vision for a cleaner environment.

As one of the largest employers in the area, Tribal Textile also collaborates with local weaving and carving artisans through the Luangwa Artisan Collective, empowering them with meaningful work and creating a diverse selection of home décor products to sell through their outlets and online.


Small – $250

Medium – $400

Large – $550


Tribal Textiles is a home décor company based on the edge of South Luangwa National Park. For over 30 years, Tribal Textiles has worked to create a sustainable impact through creativity and craftsmanship by reinvesting in community-strengthening initiatives and supporting local wildlife conservation.


At Tribal Textiles’ Mfuwe store, you can also create your very own piece of art in a batik workshop. 


At their shop in Mfuwe

37d Gallery in Lusaka

Lusaka Collective

Local Artisans – The Barnyard at Bonanza 

Alimwana at the KKIA

Online: local and international shipping is available

For inquiries:

[email protected]


Images courtesy of Tribal Textiles

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