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Music Colour Festival Takes off with Proflight

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LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – With the weather warming up and the COVID-19 pandemic showing signs of easing up, events calendars are once again filling up with all manner of parties and festivities.

The Music Color Festival made a return this year, with the help of Proflight Zambia boasting a powerful lineup of both local and international performing artists taking to the stage. Of note were Zambian rappers, Slap Dee, Bobby East, and Nez Long and Zambian music veteran, General Ozzy. DJ Sebastien Dutch and DJ Kasi were on deck to make sure the crowds stayed entertained well into the night.

The festival, which is organised by Digital Events, was held the weekend of 25 September, pulling in a crowd of over 4,000, its largest ever recorded attendance to date. The overwhelming success was attributed to the headline act, South African singer and dancer, Kamo Mphela.

The artist rose to prominence after posting videos of her performances on social media. The festival organisers approached Proflight Zambia for corporate sponsorship and the airline offered to bring in the star on a massively discounted air ticket from Johannesburg to Lusaka.

Digital Events CEO, Moses Zimba commended Proflight for this gesture and noted that corporate partnerships like this show that the corporate world believes in the fundamental value that the arts bring to the community.

“Events like these bring people together, in this case we wanted this event to be a family-friendly one where families could come and enjoy themselves, enjoy good food and good music from both foreign and local artists. We are glad to have partnered with Proflight to bring this event to life because they too understand the value of community and connection.”

Proflight Sales and Marketing Manager Barbara Namwila said that sponsoring the air ticket for Kamo Mphela was the airline’s way of supporting cross-culture arts across the two neighbouring countries.

“Proflight’s major international route is between Zambia and South Africa, and as our two nations share a love for music we felt it would be a great gesture of hospitality to come on board to partner with the Music Color Festival organizers to bring in Kamo Mphela and to show support for the arts and entertainment industry in Zambia and South Africa.”

The airline has partnered with other event organisers in the past to bring other events to life, including the Lusaka July.

Proflight prides itself on its long history of reliable and efficient service to all of its customers and will continue to extend opportunities to support the creative and entertainment industry through corporate partnerships.

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