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“At 23:56 on 23rd October 1963, Zambians rose in reverence of the Union Jack, the de facto national flag of the United Kingdom, for the last time as it lowered, signifying the end of British rule in Zambia.”

― Precious Mwansa-Chisa

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Sebastian Moronell

Sebastian Moronell

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A humourous deep dive into grown men’s obsession with sport.
Leveraging African creatives and content creators is a relatively affordable alternative
Lately, I’ve been fielding questions about the meaning of my life and its proposed contours
Part whimsical experiment conducted in a state of out-of-mind boredom, part serious experiment for the improvement of all mankind;
Flipping through this publication in that slightly amused manner peculiar to reading in-flight magazines, you may be further surprised to find a new name attached to this column.